Below is a brief description of the disciplines we practice at the club 


Prone shooters lie on the ground, usually on a shooting mat and wear a tigjltly fitting shooting jacket. This means that shooting is  highly accurate. However the rifles used do not use telescopic sights and the targets are smaller than sports or pistol targets.The NSRA generally refers to shooting .22 LR calibre rifles over a distance of between 15 yards and 25 metres 'indoors' as being short range shooting. The targets we shoot are 'outward gauging' touching a ring on the target receives the lower or outermost score.


Bench-Rest shooting is becoming increasingly popular in the UK usually from 25 yards to 100 yards. Shooting is carried out whilst seated from a bench with a rest using telescopic sights. This means that shooting is  highly accurate.The targets are smaller than sports or pistol targets and are similar to those of prone shooters. The targets we shoot are 'outward gauging' touching a ring on the target receives the lower or outermost score. Almost any rifle can be used in this discipline, although many shooters use converted or adapted prone target rifles or air-rifles


The Lightweight Sport Rifle (LSR) is shot with a .22LR rifle or Air Rifle, in regular clothing, although a glove may be used. Semi-Auto or magazine fed Bolt Action rifels ar used. Any Sights are allowable, typically a telescopic sight is used.. The rules state that no slings or special clothing may be used, and shooting stance is standing, unsupported. We shoot at 20 yards at the Tiverton range, however we can compete locally at ranges of up to 50 yards and also using turning targets.


Several of our members shoot airrifles thoughout many of the disciplines in the club, including Bench-rest and LSR. In addition members shoot at 10 metres on a wednesday night.


Pistols must have a total length of 600mm with a 300mm barel in this class of shooting , although many competitors often shoot competition class air-pistols between 10m and 20 yards distances.


A variety of black powder pistols and reveolvers are shot at the club over 20 yards and 25yards. These pistols must be loaded with balls and powder before being fired at the target.

10 Metre Air Pistol

On Wednesdays, we shoot air weapons at 10M. This is every bit as challenging as the longer distances we shoot

Accoustic Shooting For The Blind Or Partially Sighted

The governing body for accoustic shooting is British Blind Sport although competitions are run through the NSRA. The sport was introduced in 1994 and uses standard .177 air amminition and rifles with a specially adapted targets and  scope by Swarovski

LBP - Long Barrelled Pistol

Several club members shoot .22 Long Barrelled Pistols that are Section 1 firearms.